Charlie Says is a free site that allows users to comment on and discuss online articles. It allows users to link similar articles together in the same topic, thus allowing a single repository for discussion. Charlie Says is a site that enables people to discuss the same topic in the one place even though it may be reported by multiple online sources.

How it works

Charlie Says works by allowing users to add topics from online sources. Once added users can discuss this topic.

Adding Topics

Adding URLs

A topic is created by adding the URL of an article. The title will be taken from the article and used as the topic title. Other articles on the same topic can also be added as linked articles.

When the main topic URL is entered the site will search for related topics and provide them as recommendations. If any of these are related to your topic they should be selected so they can be linked.

Categorisation and Tagging

A topic is categorised into one of the following: News, Entertainment, Technology, Sport, Business and Other. Up to 5 user tags can also be added to further subclassify a topic.

Breaking News

When a significant event or news story is occuring a topic may be tagged as 'breaking'. A red tag will appear among the topic tags and this topic will appear before other topics.


Users will be notified when another user has replied or liked their comments. These are displayed in the menu bar.

Topic Tags

There are 3 types of tags:

Category Tags

Category tags can be one of: News, Entertainment, Technology, Sport, Business and Other and appear first under a topic e.g. news

User Tags

Tags used to further subclassify a topic e.g. boxing

Domain Tags

Any domain associated to the articles in the topic (includes all linked articles) e.g. bbc


For any questions, feedback or support please contact: support@charliesays.com

Link to Charlie Says

If you own a website and want to link your article to Charlie Says you can! Linking articles to Charlie Says is easy. Simply add a link to https://www.charliesays.com with the following query string fields:

Field name Value Notes
url Encoded url to link to
  • Encode using encodeURIComponent()
add None
  • Empty field value
tag Tag value
  • Optional field
  • Up to 5 tag fields allowed
category Category value
  • Optional field
  • One of: News, Business, Entertainment, Technology, Sport or Other
Example href

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